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Diamond's Color

  • I want to focus mainly on the most popular colors: D – J. Most diamond buyers when starting to read information regarding diamonds, without even looking at one, would usually prefer the best colors D-F: I would to, if had no previous knowledge in diamonds.
  • The fact is, after looking at so many diamonds is: that if I will provide you with ten pairs of diamonds of D color and G color there is a very slight chance that you will be able to observe the difference. My point is: if you have no budget issues go for D color, it is a collector’s item, it looks amazing and it will keep its value and more then that for the long run.
  • If you are on a budget I would suggest focusing on G – J colors. You probably already did dome research and you know that: D-F colors group belongs to the colorless diamonds.
  • The G – I colors group belongs to the near colorless group. The J color belongs to the faint yellow group. D-F colors are definitely the “safest” colors. You can know for sure that a D-F color diamond is “scientifically” White; there is no chance that you will even the slightest shade of yellowness when looking at it. Only a pro gemologist will be able to see the color difference and even then only when turned on its back (this is how gemologists eye screen for color) or with a Color Meter (unique diamond color machine). The G-I color group as I mentioned before is called near colorless. I would say that diamonds in this color range are a great choice, since they are white but don’t cost as much as the colorless (D-F group) diamonds. I want to discuss each color in this group separately.
    • The G color the leader of the group and as I said before if I could o would have let you to compare between a G color and a D color and I doubt if you were able to see the difference. G color is defiantly a great choice of color, it is less expensive than a F color and as I said it is white.
    • The I color is the last in the group. I think that only in I color you can start observing the hint of yellow in a diamond. I think that I color diamond when it is well cut and polished looks amazing. That is true for every diamond, but in I color it is common to say that a well made diamond “gains” color (looks whiter).
  • Also as before the price of I color is less expensive than H color. The J color is last one I want to focus on. Before I do, I want to say that K and L color and even lower colors diamonds can look great too and I do not want to cancel them as a choice. The fact is that most buyers do buy the G – J colors and this is reason for focusing in them.
  • The J color has a slight hint of yellow color in it, you can actually notice it in a white light, turned on its back inside a white paper. The thing is, when you are outside in a regular light you won’t see the difference in color between J and G or H color. Like I said before on the I color when well cut J color looks whiter then it is.

I think that J color is a great choice of color especially when you are under a tight budget or if you care more about size, clarity or cut (the other 3 C’s).

After all the explaining I want to emphasis again that choosing the right color for you is up to two things:

  • The budget that you have.
  • The order of color in your 4 C’s priority order. In my opinion H and I colors will give the best return for your investment. They look great and they are not expensive as the colorless group (D-F) diamonds. I will also suggest not to cancel the J and even K colors if color is not high in your 4 C’s priority order.