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Around, he sells Asa and you can provides securing her

Around, he sells Asa and you can provides securing her

Despite Nayuta’s alerting, Denji (given that Chainsaw Man) preserves Asa throughout the Falling Devil’s attack, informing the second to remain off their “prospective ex-girlfriend.” The guy tries to help their unique manage their own negative attitude and traumatization but unintentionally grosses their own out with his fascination with sex. Asa says to him you to no woman would want to end up being that have a man which have a good chainsaw sticking out out-of his direct, causing Denji in order to depression and you will get into Hell. In the event the Dropping Demon proposes to help your go in change to possess making their own, he requires a peek at Asa’s ass and you may asks in the event the he is also at least just take you to definitely right back which have your, evoking the Falling Demon to appear down on your.

Yet not, when he noticed into the development one to she would started killing multiple devils in past times month, Denji conveyed dilemma and you can irritation together with her connections to the fresh Chainsaw People Church. However, Denji do maintain their value their particular when he became horrified whenever Barem ideal one she are going to be murdered so you’re able to provide Chainsaw Man back, ultimately causing your to hightail it. Later, Denji becomes alarmed having Asa’s security immediately following reading Nayuta’s prospective preparations to subjugate humankind therefore the two of all of them may lead an effective hedonistic life. Nayuta knows so it and inquires abreast of Asa’s characteristics in order to Denji, to which he responds your hug which he distributed to “Asa” is actually truly the only time making out a female are an excellent feel to possess your. When Nayuta issues if Denji wants their, he body language that their feelings to possess their particular is quite tall.

Aki Hayakawa

Aki and you can Denji very first first started since the distrustful teammates, while the Aki highly disliked Denji: he despised Denji getting his Devil characteristics along with his bold, crass character. Aki do publicly condition in order to Denji which he didn’t come with qualms in the killing him in the event the the guy became ineffective. Subsequently, Denji reciprocated Aki’s aggression. Even if intense, they will nevertheless begrudgingly cooperate along, since the both were asked to do this from the Makima, and you may Aki approved Denji’s utility due to the fact a hack.

Throughout the years, not, its relationship would alter: immediately after being required to accept one another by the Makima and you can collaborating on objectives, Aki and you will Denji more sluggish became close, and would at some point be close friends. When confronted with tragedies and you can despair, Denji and you will Aki comforted one another, particularly when Denji offered Aki an apple after Himeno’s death, otherwise whenever Aki comforted Denji over their terminated travel which have Makima.

After is new Gun Fiend, while in the his murderous rampage and struggle with Denji, Aki carry out finish hallucinating, perceiving that which you once the an excellent snowball fight with Denji. Tragically, Aki’s fascination with Denji became new catalyst to possess his overcome at the hands of Denji: Aki avoided their murderous rampage shortly after hallucinating Denji whining when you look at the snowball strive, ceasing his deluge from snowballs (hence, the fact is, was in fact ammunition) because try the 1st time he previously actually ever seen Denji scream. So it stop was adequate to allow it to be Denji to pierce Aki’s looks together with his chainsaws, destroying him.

The brand new death of Aki contributed Denji on the an intense spiral away from sadness and you can depression, with Denji dropping his usually to call home, unable to handle the truth that he had killed their best friend and surrogate older sibling. Denji’s despair perform lead your in order to high choices, eg relinquishing his 100 % free commonly and you will subjugating himself to help you Makima to make certain that he might avoid new bland fact you to Aki try inactive by the their hands.


Birth while the couples tasked because of the Makima, Denji 1st seen Stamina because an annoyance, as the she attempted to play with him to possess her very own get. Stamina very first betrays him, providing him just like the a trade-away from into the Bat Devil to go back their pet. Immediately following this woman is rescued regarding the Bat Demon by Denji, she apologizes and you will actually starts to warm up so you can him, offering him so you’re able to “ fondle their unique boobs “, as a means so you’re able to apologize. Even with a crude initiate, their mutual stupidity, indifference and hedonistic tendencies allow the one or two so you’re able to rapidly expand personal, commonly doing offers and you may arguing sometimes someone else create get a hold of incorrect. Denji increases the newest nickname ‘Powy’ getting their, while the she makes reference to your as the their unique ‘Buddy’.

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