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Diamond Provenance

Knowing the true provenance of a diamond is crucial in ensuring transparency and traceability from mines to market. Through diamond provenance, the entire journey of a diamond is discovered, its proof of integrity is checked. and an assurance of its true value is secured through unique secure digital tags and audit trail. In other words, it ensures that every diamond from HVK is an ethically sourced natural diamond.

At HVK we are extremely careful with the procurement of every rough diamond. A secure digital audit trail is maintained right from sourcing, sorting, cutting and polishing right up to the finished stone. Our diamond time-lapse report has the real time data of the origin of diamond, the contribution of master craftsmen, the certification of all major processes until it reaches the consumer.

Through this process, we stringently follow responsible practices across the entire span of sourcing and manufacturing, thus giving an assurance of conflict-free natural diamonds to our customers. Our process with sourcing high-quality roughs from only the countries that are a participant in Kimberley Process continues through providing beautifully cut and polished diamonds until It reaches the consumers.

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