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HVK Grading Process

Laboratory Grading

Solitaire diamonds are certified by international grading labs. Our gemologists grade the stones to our benchmarked standards and send them to the labs for grading reports. Each diamond is photographed with a microscope and along with it, Asset images and H&A images are also captured. The magnified photo, asset images, video and grading report are available on our online portal for each diamond.

HVK Grading System for non-certified stones

Uncertified stones, from 0.001ct onwards, are sold in assortments of different grades. Based on the GIA baseline, we have developed our HVK Grading System to sort stones into various assortments. The system grades diamonds for various jewellery grades and helps you easily pick the assortments that you need. Our system takes care of additional parameters that are important for correct calibration for jewellery use as well as for its valuation.

HVK Grading System

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